Private Pilot License (PPL)

Make your dream of flight to be a reality!

A Private Pilot License will enable you to share your joy of flying with friends and family. Training to become a pilot is a thrilling and rewarding adventure. You will learn the fundamental of flight, Navigation Techniques, Radio Communication, and other tools to make you a safe and confident pilot.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Graduated min. Junior High School, Good command in English for reading, writing and speaking.
  2. Min. 17 years of age (any age to begin)
  3. Class 2 Medical Certificate from Institute of Aviation Medicine RTAF or Aviation Medicine Bangkok Hospital.

Ground School Covered

1. Principle of flight 7          hours
2. The flight Environment 8          hours
3. Aircraft systems and performance 9          hours
4. Meteorology for pilots 6          hours
5. Basic navigation 7          hours
6. Radio navigation systems 6          hours
7. Aviation physiology 7          hours
8. Aeronautical decision making 6          hours
9. Rules of the air and air traffic service 6          hours
10. Flying safety 7          hours
11. Air laws 6          hours
12. Technical type of knowledge 6          hours
13. Radiotelephony and signals 7          hours
Total Ground School 94        hours


Minimum Requirements

In the Air  
35 Sorties/ 45 Flight hours

To get the License

CAAT written Exam
CAAT Flight Exam (Check Ride)


PPL Course
CPL Course

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