Multi-Engine Rating (ME)


Regardless of whether a pilot wants to fly a personal multi-engine aircraft or an advance Commercial Pilot for a large airline, a multi-engine rating is an absolute must.

Utilizing the cutting edge Diamond DA42 Twin Star aircraft and Flight Simulator Diamond Dsim 42, we can provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to fly an advanced multi-engine airplane at a reasonable cost. Within one flight, you will realize the great benefits of two engines and the thrill of flying an advanced twin-engine aircraft such as the Twin Star.

Eligibility Requirements for Multi-Engine Rating

1. Hold Private Pilot License or Commercial Pilot License
2. PPL Students of Sriracha Aviation who’s want to take this course.
3. Class 1 Medical Certificate with good eyesight and not color blind

Ground School Covered

  1. Exploring the Multi-Engine Rating: 2 hours
  2. Understanding Your Airplane: 4 hours
  3. Discovering Aerodynamics: 3 hours
  4. Performance Maneuvers and Procedures: 3 hours
  5.  Mastering Engine-Out Operations: 2 hours


Minimum Requirements
In the Air                                                                    12 Sorties/ 20 hours
Dual Flight                                                                               20        hours

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