Introduction Flight

Discover the Thrill of Flying!

Sriracha Aviation would like to introduce you to the world of general aviation with an exhilarating hand on experience; we are not offering you a passive scenic flight, but rather an exciting half-hour flight with you in the left seat and your hands on the controls! Prior to the flight, you will gain a familiarization of the aircraft as you pre-flight the aircraft with an experienced certified flight instructor. Next, take your spot in the left seat and put on your headset as you will soon be airborne with one of our flight training aircraft.

Your introduction flight is the first step towards a new level of freedom reserved only for aviators. There will have a briefing before flight and debriefing after flight to make sure that you understanding all the flight controls.

You can choose one of our flight training aircrafts for this course

Cessna 172 (4 Seat)
30 min. Baht 5,000
1 hour Baht 9,000
Diamond DA42 (4 Seat)
1 hourĀ  Baht 14,000
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