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How long does it take to get my license?

Thai licenses are issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). A minimum of 45 hours flying time of dual, solo and cross country flight is required prior to your check ride by the CAAT's examiner. In addition, you need to have ground school classes covering the prescribed subjects like meteorology, aerodynamics, and radiotelephony. The CAAT conducts testing every month and your license issuance depends on your passing the written tests as well as your 'check ride'. So if you fly regularly and meet all the conditions you can get your license in 3 months. It can be less if you do your flying lessons more intensively and time it to coincide with the CAAT's ground school test.

Can a foreigner get a Thai license?

Definitely, if he or she meets all the requirements.

Will a Thai license be valid in my country?

This should not be a problem. Your Thai license will be issued in accordance with ICAO's regulations to which most countries are signatory. Check with us on the countries of eligibility.

What kind of planes do you use for training?

Cessna 152 Cessna 172 and Cessna 152 Sparrow Hawk conversion.

Are the planes insured?

Yes, for complete third party liability and pilot's life. The policy is available for viewing at our office.

Please tell me the steps involved in getting the Private Pilot License.

The first step is to pass a medical exam administered by the Royal Thai Air Force Aviation Medicine Department or Bangkok Hospital. Upon completion, you can then apply for a student's pilot license. Once this license is given, the process of logging your flying time with an instructor - doing all the necessary paperwork - can begin. Upon attaining a level of proficiency, your instructor will schedule a solo check ride with the designed check pilot. Once passed, you can fly solo as a student and begin to log your solo hours. After more dual and solo time you get to go on a solo cross country trip and land at a "foreign" airport and return to base. After successful completion of all of these steps, your instructor will schedule a check ride with the CAAT's examiner, followed by a ground school test also administered by the CAAT. The passing of both will then ensure you are eligible to receive your PPL license.

What is VFR?

Visual Flight Rules. This is your entry level Private Pilot License (PPL). It means you must fly under visual conditions i.e. under clouds and with a prescribed visibility.

What is the training schedule?

Our ground school is conducted on weekends. After the ground school work is done, you can put what you learn into practice by flying. If you wish to accelerate flying lessons, this can certainly be arranged on weekdays as well.

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