Commercial Pilot License (CPL)


The Commercial Pilot License is much more than just being to fly for hire. A commercial pilot must be professional, courteous, knowledgeable and confident. Sriracha Aviation will help you gain these trails and make you not only a better pilot but a professional pilot.

During your course, you will learn about the privileges and limitations you have as a Commercial Pilot and receive in-depth training in the systems and operation of your aircraft. You will learn to operate your aircraft to its maximum capabilities in high-performance maneuvers and achieve a new level of mastery and safety. The Commercial Pilot Certificate is currently offered only in Multi-Engine.

Eligibility Requirements for Commercial Pilot License

  • Grade 12 or Bachelor’s Degree in all Faculties
  • Age not less than 17 years old.
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate with good eyesight and not color blind
  • Good command in English required TOEIC 650+

Ground School

1. PPL course
2. IR Course
3. ME Course
   1. High-Performance Power plants 4 hours
   2. Environment and Ice Control System 2 hours
   3. Retractable Landing Gear 4 hours
   4. Advanced Aerodynamic 3 hours
   5. Predicting Performance 3 hours
   6. Controlling Weight and Balance 2 hours
   7. Maximum Performance Takeoffs and Landing 3 hours
   8. Maximum Performance and Maneuvering 4 hours
   9. Emergency Procedures and Commercial decision Making 3 hours
4. Review 4 hours

Minimum Requirements

In the Air 190 hours
   Single Engine 170 hours
   Multi-Engine 20 hours
Flight Simulators  30 hours


PPL Course
CPL Course

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