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Established in 2010 under a partnership between the Saha group of companies (one of Thailand’s leading consumer goods manufacturers: distributors) and partners with extensive aviation experience the school is an accredited training organization approved by the CAAT and CAAV. It is also licensed by the Ministry of Education.

We have extensive experience in training airline recruited cadet pilots (Thai International and Bangkok Airways) as well privately funded students who have successfully joined other carriers.

With today globalization we focus on giving our students the best in training experience with a cross-cultural exposure. Towards this end, our teaching staff come from diverse background/ nationality with overseas experience and holding qualifications from CAAT, FAA, and EASA.

We operate in Kabinburi with our own airfield and maintenance facilities. Food and lodging are provided by our affiliate and located approximately 5 Kms from the airfield with transport provided.

Our fleet of aircraft consists of Cessna 152, 172 with glass cockpits and DA42. Computer-based training and simulators are available on site. The aircraft are meticulously maintained with sizable spare parts inventory to ensure a consistently high dispatch rate. Our training duration is 10-11 months from ground school to CPL with IR and ME ratings. With our flexible training solutions spanning the entire career life cycle of a professional pilot, from cadet to captain. Sriracha is one of the best flight training organization for civil aviation in Thailand.

Visitors to the Kabinburi Airfield

The students enjoy easy access to a number of different leisure activities and vacation spots a short distance from the airfield itself. These include the mountain hiking (Khao Yao national park). Khao Yai is no doubt the best national park in Thailand for regular visitors where it is relatively easy to see the number of interesting animals.

Entertainment venues and virtually endless shopping facilities of the immensely popular holiday destination. Golfing enthusiasts are also spoiled for choice, with a long list of world-class courses, KBSC was designed by world-famous golf course architect, Mr. Yoshikazu Kato, who also designed Treasure Hill in Chonburi and Hariphunchai Golf Club in Lamphun. KBSC is a championship golf course, 18 holes,72 par. It offers a challenge to golf professionals and novices alike, who can enjoy their game on 8,075 yards wide green fairways. It is the longest golf course in Thailand

Kabinburi Airfield specifications:
  • Location:  N 14° 05' E 101° 42' 30"
  • Runway: Asphalt; 25m x 850metres (Extend to 1,150 meters as needed)
  • Field Elevation: 20m
  • Frequencies: 122.30 MHz
  • Contact: Kabinburi Tower

The Saha Group also operates two additional airfields within their industrial parks located in Sriracha, the gateway to the southeast (N 13° 05'  E 100° 58') and Lamphun in the north near Chiang Mai (N 18° 32' 50" E 99° 00' 57"). For more information on these facilities please contact us, we'd be happy to assist you.
For more information on the Saha Group please visit http://www.spi.co.th

Bringing your plane to Thailand?

Foreigners wishing to bring their aircraft to Thailand can rely on the expert assistance of Sriracha Aviation in order to handle all importing and registration of aircraft (and the corresponding parking of the plane at Sriracha's hanger). Foreign pilots can also get the necessary license endorsements by the Thai CAAT through our school. In short, Sriracha Aviation will ensure every step of the process of bringing your aircraft to Thailand is handled efficiently and professionally. For more information on any of these issues, please contact us.

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