Instructor Pilot License (IP)


Eligibility Requirements for Instructor Pilot License

  1. Qualification in accordance with ICAO DOC 9401-AN/921
  2. Hold Commercial Pilot License and IR Rating single engine land
  3. If do not have flight hours with aircraft type that use in this training program the applicants must familiar with the aircraft not less than 10 hours, take off and landing not less than 35 times

Ground School Covered

  1. The Basic Flight Instructor                                                      15        hours
    1. Single-Engine Airplane Instruction
    2. Aerodynamic of  flight
  2. Theory of Instruction                                                               15        hours
    1. The Learning Process
    2. The Teaching Process
    3. Planning and Organizing
  3. Instructor Reponsiblities                                                          6          hours
    1. Authorized Instruction and Endorsements
    2. Regulations
  4. The Instrument Flight Instructor                                              15        hours
    1. Basic Instrument Instrution
    2. Instrument Procedures Instrution
  5.  The Multi-Engine Flight Intructor                                          9          hours
    1. Multi-Engine Airplane Instruction
    2. Aerodynamic of Multi*Engine flight

Minimum Requirements
In the Air                                                                    16 Sorties/ 30 hours
Stage I                                                       8 Sorties / 10   hours with Cessna C 152
Stage II                                                      8 Sorties / 20   hours with Cessna C 172
To get the License
DCA written Exam
DCA Flight Exam (Check Ride)